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About Gallery Jatad

Gallery Jatad is located in the heart of the Houston Museum District.  Gallery Jatad features fine quality traditional African art and contemporary artwork.  The gallery is located at 1517 Blodgett Street, at Blodgett Street and La Branch Street.  We are open Thursday through Saturday from noon to 6PM, and by appointment.

Gallery Jatad is dedicated to promote understanding and respect for the fine art of sub-Saharan Africa.  The cultures of Africa are diverse, and have created a spectacular variety of artistic, aesthetic traditions of equal merit to the more widely studied traditions of Western and Asian cultures.  For me, African Art has a visceral quality, perhaps derived from the close relationship and interdependency of the African people with the raw power of nature for survival.  The forms of the art are therefore primal and can evoke a response from people of any culture.

Gallery Jatad is owned and operated by the husband and wife team of Matt Scheiner and Lisa Qualls.  Matt Scheiner is an expert in fine art from Africa with 40 years experience collecting, writing and lecturing on the subject.  Lisa Qualls is a curator, and a fine artist who exhibits her work nationally and internationally.